Hi!  We are Steve and Lindie Longshore.  We have been married since 1995 and went through the typical things in life with raising two great kids, managing corporate jobs and so on.  For years we found ourselves stressed out, over weight and basically living day to day without any real zest for life.  We had tried every “diet” out there and seemed to start over every Monday.  We had countless gym memberships that never got used.  We put our careers as a priority and was letting life slide by without realizing it.  So, in 2021, we were basically sick and tired of being sick and tired.  We went on a health and weight loss journey where we ended up losing over 100 pounds together!  The “diet” program we were on was great and allowed us to basically get out of our own way and put us on the path to changing our lives.  But what really happened was that we had a mindset shift that allowed the program work.  It wasn’t just the “diet” that worked but rather the understanding that all of the health components (Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Hydration, Self Care, Etc.) work together and if one is lacking it effects the others.  Our “Behavioral Change” is really what allowed us to not only keep all of that weight off for several years now but to also live a more full, happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our passion for healthy lifestyles and the understanding of the psychology of behavior change is what drives us to help others conquer these types of ongoing problems and live a life that enhances the mind, body and spirit.  Although our area of specialty is behavioral change in the field of health and wellness we are trained in a unique health philosophy called Wellness 360™ that helps people to create health and balance in all areas of their life with tons of support along their journey.  If you can relate to constantly struggling with weight loss, fitness and/or stress management we would love to help you explore some options that may point you in the right direction to change your life.  



Living a healthy life you love is right around the corner

Lindie’s Certifications:

– Certified Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals

– Wellness 360™ Coach

Steve’s Certifications:

–  Certified Behavior Transformation Specialist

–  Certified Personal Trainer

–  Certified in Strength & Conditioning / H.I.I.T

–  Certified Nutritionist